MUA for New Studio & Photographer

I while back, Matthew from Matthew Basile Photography and Design contacted me to see if I'd be interested in helping out with makeup and hair for a beauty shoot to test out a new studio space in San Jose. Yes! Of course I was! I had been taking a break from booking any jobs due to the birth of my 2nd son, but man was I ready to get back into it! That, plus the excitement of working with another photographer and checking out another studio really intrigued me.

New studio workspace for Matthew Basile Photography - LOVED the bright tangerine colors with the happy vibe. So inviting...Look! There's my trusty makeup & hair bag and kit, making themselves at home in the brightly lit corner.

Who: Vannessa (Model)
What: Beauty Shoot for New Studio Test
Where: San Jose Studio

Matthew was very professional and introduced me to the model, Vannessa, when she arrived. Vannessa was great! I loved chatting with her and working on her super photogenic features.
Before and After taken with my iphone

Before and After taken by the professional :)

I applied Vannessa's makeup with tones that would go well with the different colored outfits she had brought with her. Once I finished her hair with some volume and curls, she was ready for her photos with Matthew!

Behind the scenes
Matthew was great with giving directions and suggestions, explaining how certain shots would turn out, even if it meant making certain angles with the body and face that might have seemed a little awkward at first.

The metal wall you see there is actually like a garage door! Matthew was able to help me open it during the makeup application so that I'd get plenty of natural light.

Photographer and Model hard at work!

Curious to see how the photos turned out? Thanks Matthew for sending these over!
I like this one!

I always love hearing how the models I work with get their start. For Vannessa, it was doing a modern day Disney Princess photo shoot for her friend. I guessed Belle right away because of the similarities in Vannessa's hair and features... and I was right!!! She WAS Belle!
Do you see it?

Another one of my favorites

It was a pleasure working with both Matthew and Vannessa! If you're looking for a photographer to get some studio shots in, please click here to check out his website. He's really good with communicating and getting back to you with whatever questions you may have in a timely manner.

LADIES... on a side note, I do want to remind you to BE SAFE if you ever go into a studio for shoots with a photographer that you are unfamiliar with. Vannessa wisely brought her boyfriend with her. Other models in past shoots I've worked in have also brought their mothers, significant others, or a friend along to play is safe. You don't want to ever be caught in a sticky or dangerous situation! Know all the details about the shoot and what the agreed upon expectations are.  I myself always google the address and area surrounding first, to get an idea for how the neighborhood is. I'll read up on the photographer and any reviews that come up on the internet, as well as try to check out as much of their work as possible prior to meeting in person. I also let my husband know the address where I'll be, and text him when I arrive and leave a photo shoot. Thank God everything has always worked out nicely! If I ever had a sense that something wasn't right, I'd book it out of there! ...okay so that being said, Matthew was great :) The door to the studio was open and welcoming, Matthew was friendly but kept a good professional distance, and he explained everything that he was doing! He was also open to Vannessa's boyfriend hanging out during the shoot.

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