Lydia's Wedding Hair & Makeup + Mom and Sister!

Photo courtesy Hom Photography

Who: Lydia
What: Lydia's Hair & Makeup + Mom and Sister

Thanks so much to Anna for passing my name on to Lydia! I always appreciate my former clients who help to share their experience with me as a makeup artist :) THANK YOU!!!

What an absolutely fun and warm family Honey and I were introduced to as we stepped into Lydia's home to help with makeup and hair prep for Lydia's special day. Girls were flitting in an out of the room, food was offered to us multiple times, and there was just a general atmosphere of HAPPINESS that permeated the entire household.

I had met Elsie during Lydia's makeup and hair trial and was able to work on her makeup first. Chatting with Elsie was truly a rewarding experience. I completely enjoyed our conversation and know God allowed me to hear Elsie's sharing about her family's journey so I could reflect on my own, especially as my two little boys get older and start making their own decisions!

Elsie with her beautiful family
Photo courtesy Hom Photography

Before and After

Lydia checking out the progress :)

Bold lips for a sparkly dress

Vanessa was next for makeup and completely trusted me in creating a makeup look for her! That, along with her being so calm and easy-going made the time with her and the makeup application a ton of fun. 

Before and After

Airbrushing foundation

Blush: Mousse application first, then powder

Eyeliner, Mascara, Lipcolor

Finishing spray... it's like hairspray for your face!

Photos courtesy Hom Photography

Photo courtesy Hom Photography

It was great to have Lydia in the hair and makeup chair again! She's definitely a special girl where she just makes everyone around her feel at ease. Onto the photos!

This hair creation was constructed so that Lydia could have an updo for the ceremony, and let part of her hair down for the banquet. 

Elsie and Vanessa looking on during Lydia's hair creation

Hair up, Hair down
Photos courtesy Hom Photography

Brows, Mascara, Lips

Photo courtesy Hom Photography

I met Lauren out of the brother and sister team that makes up Hom Photography. So calm and friendly, she arrived right in the middle of Lydia's makeup application... taking the moments to capture the details and events of that morning. Sometimes, things can get a bit hectic under a time crunch, but Lauren was awesome, patient, and offered great suggestions to help keep the morning running smoothly for the wedding party. Thanks so much for sending over the photos Lauren!

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Lydia and Noah, wishing you loads of blessings, happy times, and opportunities to grow as a couple and as individuals for our most wonderful God. 

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