Olivia's Wedding H&M!

Who: Olivia
What: Hair and Makeup
Where: Milpitas, CA
Videographer: Seaglass Cinema


Olivia was as calm and relaxed as ever during her early morning prep for the "Big Day." I've known Olivia for a looooooonnnnnnggggg time now, and boy was it a special moment to be able to spend the morning with her as she got ready to walk down the aisle with her meant-to-be, Michael. Everything about them together is cute and fresh... even though when they're together, it feels like they've known each other all their lives. From their knowing and smiling glances to each other, to the way they make each other laugh, I'm blessed to have been able to witness their special day and their obvious love for each other and to God. How refreshing! Thanks to Honey for coming early with me and helping to take these photos!


Before and After

Airbrushing, eyeshadow application, gel liner

Adjusting false lashes on and allowing the lash glue to dry

Mom and Dad were so cute! They stopped by often and you could tell just how happy they were for Olivia :)

Blush and lips

Darkening the outer corners of Olivia's eyelids for better emphasis of her eyeshape and depth of colors

Filling in some lipcolor (Look at those lashes!)

Finishing up the lips. It can take several colors to get the just-right shade depending on skin tones.


I actually started with Olivia's hair first, then moved onto the makeup after the hair was complete. This was done so the curls in Olivia's hair would have a chance to relax and loosen a bit before I sprayed with hairspray for staying power.

I clamped Olivia's hair up into three sections. Starting at the bottom, I'd curl the straight hair, then release the next section to be curled.

Tease and pin the crown for volume, pull sections above the ear to the back for added shape.

Profile angle of hair. Olivia preferred the curls to go inward, toward her face, so we made sure to do that!

Showing the MOH where to place the veil

Done! Yeah!!!... and gorgeous :)

Cute family photo! Can you see the resemblance?

Boy, was I stoked to find out that Olivia and Michael had hired Orange Turtle Photography. Cindy and Daniel are friends from a while back but I've never had the chance to work with them and see them in action! They are super professional, friendly, and laid back. Watching them do their magic was a treat... I'd seen their beautiful work on their blog, and knew they would be able to capture some amazing memories.

Cindy sent over a few shots, but please make sure to check back at their blog often for complete collection of their work for Olivia and Michael's wedding.

Thanks for the photos Cindy! These are amazing, and gorgeous, and oh so romantic :)

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