Transformation: Danei --> Great Gatsby/1920's Inspired Look!

What: Transformation
Who: Danei
When: July 10, 2013

I've been dying to get my hands on Danei's hair for a while now :) She loves trying all different looks with her hair from cuts, shapes, styles, and even the occasional updo. They always look good on her and I'm always inspired to try different things with my hair... although more often, I end up going out of the house with same look every day :)

Quite a few months ago, she completely chopped off all her long hair and got a semi pixie cut. As it started to grow out, I figured it would make for a really nice length to try a finger wave look. At the same time, my sister Jen had sent me a photo for a Great Gatsby inspired look. Perfect! I decided to meld the two and the 2nd look of transformations of the day was born.

Online photos for inspiration:

Click here to read about how the Transformation Day started with Carmel --> Flowerchild, along with how I met Lynn, the awesome photographer who was able to stay and take photos of Danei as well.

For transformations, I've been requesting my models to arrive without any makeup or hair done, along with bringing some clothing they feel might work with the look I was thinking of. This completely helps to tie in the looks :) Danei brought several outfits, including a flapper type dress (which I was REALLY hoping to be able to use, but ended up not being able to since the color scheme didn't work). The black lace dress ended up matching well, along with the long strands of pearls.

Before and After

- Dramatic grey/black smokey eye
- Bold rimmed eyes all around
- Double false lashes
- Highlighted clean brows
- Healthy dose of blush and contouring

Lip Chameleon!
Look closely - I changed Danei's lipcolor THREE times! I wanted to see how the different colors would show up in the photos. The first color (left) was more natural, I was trying to match it more to the inspiration photo. For the second color (middle), I went with a brighter, almost cherry tone for some pizzaz. I wanted the last color (right) to be dark and dramatic. I added black powder to deepen the shade. Which one do you like the best?

- 1920's big finger waves to frame face
- Large voluminous curls
- Good all around head shape

Before and After

Thanks Lynn for capturing this action shot. Lynn had just come in with Carmel after taking photos outdoors for the Flowerchild look. At this point, I had already pin-curled all of Danei's hair and had already gotten started on the makeup.

After releasing all the pinned curls,  I rearranged Danei's curls, framing her face to form a continuous "S" shape. With each bend, I placed a pin to help hold the shape, then went over and super sprayed them with hairspray!

Hair before and after taken with my iphone

Photos courtesy KathalynCelestePhotography

So regal!

Leaving you with something a little more on the playful side :)
Reminds me of something out of a musical/broadway show or something!!!

Thanks Danei for letting me play with your hair and face! We'll have to wait to see what your next haircut is and I'll probably come up with another transformation look for you! :)

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