Transformation: Carmel ---> Flowerchild!

What: Transformation
Who: Carmel
When: July 10, 2013

Yay for the summertime! This is normally the time of year I can start having tons of fun with my transformations. I love thinking up different looks that I wouldn't normally get to do on my bridal clientele... for obvious reasons :) and then asking my friends to help me pull off the looks as models.

A couple of weeks ago, we were able to get two completely different transformations done in one day! This blog entry will be dedicated to the first transformation for the day. I knew my friend Carmel was available and I immediately thought of this "Flowerchild" idea for her.

Key thoughts I had floating around in my brain to accomplish this look were:
- sweet
- dreamy
- fairy-like
- caught in the middle of lush green backgrounds

Here are some photos online that I found for inspiration:

A huge difference this year is that I had the help of an awesome photographer! I met Lynn at a Retro Photoshoot. I LOVED her photos of the event after she posted them and sent her an e-mail to see if she'd be interested in collaborating with me for the two transformations I had in mind. Lucky me she was available! Not only that, when Lynn showed up, she brought additional accessories, flowers, and props that might work with the two looks. Lynn also brought her camera equipment and lighting umbrellas. She fit right in with my friends and I, and stayed the entire day. I had a blast with her, super fun, friendly, easy to work with, and professional! Check out her webpage here!

Onto the photos:
Before and After

Makeup focus:
- Bright, big and bold eyes
- Fat fluttery lashes
- Super rosy innocent cheeks

Thanks KathalynCeleste Photography for the following beautiful photos :)

Hair focus:
- Incorporated crown of braids
- Relaxed loose waves

Before and After

This is what my home studio looked like for a while... it was so much fun :)

Oh yes, so as you may have noticed, my friend Carmel is a happy, glowing, mother-to-be!!! We ended up having a little bit of time in between the transformations with my next friend, so I tweaked Carmel's hair, added an additional hair accessory (actually a necklace supplied by Lynn), and had Carmel change into another dress she had brought. Here's what we came up with:

Glowing maternity shots:

I'll leave you with these last two shots... so dreamy :)

Thanks Carmel and Lynn for letting me have so much fun with this Flowerchild inspired transformation! :)

Stay tuned for the next Transformation: Danei ---> Great Gatsby, 1920's inspired look!

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