MUA for Portfolio Filler Shoot

Photo courtesy Venkata

What: MUA for a Portfolio Filler Shoot
When: Saturday, July 20
Where: Santa Clara Studio

Thanks again to George, (who is just the coolest guy to work with), who also so happens to organize these photography meetups! He contacted me again to see if I'd like to do a two model portfolio filler shoot.

The first model, Christine, was super sweet and warm with everyone on the set. Easy smiles and laughs come from her, and makeup application was a lot of fun. We first talked about what she was going to wear. Based on previous e-mails, I was initially going to try for a a golden lid look. After talking a bit with Christine though, seeing what her first outfit would be, and getting a "bold but sweet" vibe, I ended up going with a silver/pink lid and bright fuschia lips instead.

Before and After

I was also so happy to see some familiar photographers coming into the shoot :) I love continuing conversations with them from previous shoots and love the energy they bring to these meetups. Of course, it's also nice meeting new photographers to the group too! Here are some of their photos.

Photo courtesy Gail Rinard

Photo courtesy Rennis Kauffman

Photos courtesy Felicia Hong
I really like how this one shows the natural false lashes I put on Christine.

Since this was a two model shoot, I had the chance to hang around for a bit. It was nice since I didn't feel like I had to rush out of there :) I could enjoy the company and was able to get to know Christine a little more. I cannot say this enough, all these photographers and models are SOOOO much more than their label of "photographer" or "model". They're really cool people and have a lot more going on in their lives. Best wishes to you Christine in your pursuit toward the medical field and pediatrics! Kids would be so easily drawn to your friendly personality :)

Photo courtesy Venkata

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