My Sister's Wedding!

Photo courtesy Calvina Photography

Who: My sister Jen!
What: Jen's Makeup + Bridemaids H&M
Where: San Jose
When: October 13, 2012 (Yes, a very tardy posting!)
Photographers: Calvina Photography & Ryan Ng Photography

So it's weird that I'm finally posting about my sister's wedding... over half a year later!!! I can't believe how time flies. There were a few reasons for delaying this entry, but I've been itching to post about the super fun and unique experience of helping my little sister with her makeup on her special day... as well as what it was like to be a part of the festivities from beginning to end.

Normally, I would be with the bride for just the beginning part of the day... before the first look, walk down the aisle, exchanging of the vows, celebratory "you may now kiss the bride," crazy banquet, games, slideshow, dancing, and all else that surrounds a WEDDING. With Jen, not only did I have the opportunity to help with the wedding prep, I was also IN the wedding as one of her bridesmaids. It was such a huge blessing to witness everything from start to finish.

We definitely had a lot of fun, seeing as how there are four of us sisters. Getting everyone ready with hair and makeup was like a juggling act, super crazy and on a time crunch... I think we all turned out okay once it was all said and done :)

BM #1: Jaime (Our oldest sister)
Photo courtesy Calvina Photography                                                 Photo courtesy Ryan Ng

Photo courtesy Ryan Ng

I did Jaime's makeup first before moving onto her hair. We went with a bold red lip to accompany the red BM dresses. The bright colors played well off the wedding colors and helped to not make us look washed out.

Surprise! Everyone of us had hair extensions in. We just used simple clip-on extensions that were easy to attach to our hair. We found them useful for getting that fuller look with the longer curls. I created a half up look for Jaime with a couple of braids from each side to give some added details.

BM #2: Me (The 2nd oldest)
Photos courtesy Ryan Ng

I did my own makeup while our youngest sister, Bo, helped with my hair.

Photo courtesy Ryan Ng

Isn't this shot crazy?!? Okay, so I didn't have a set time for doing my makeup and hair. It was just jump around and try to fit stuff in whenever there was a chance. In this shot, I was just about to get started on my mom's makeup while Bo was working on my hair. My mom was helping to hold up the mirror so I could see what Bo was doing with my hair. Jaime was laughing on :) She was already done with hair and makeup.

BM #3: Bo (Our youngest sister)
Photo courtesy Calvina Photography

Bo did her own makeup, while I was able to help with her hair. We did a side french braided pony with relaxed curls (although I don't have photos with the back hair details - shucks).

MOB: Our mom! (and dad)
Photo courtesy Ryan Ng

I LOVE our parents! They're so cute :)

I was able to help my mom with some light makeup application. Enough to look slightly more done up than her regular no makeup look. I airbrushed her foundation to give a flawless face look, filled in her eyebrows to give some shape and definition, and added a touch of lipcolor.

Btw - my dad's bow tie is the same one he wore for his wedding day!

Jen! The bride!
Photo courtesy Calvina Photography

Jen's big day! She was able to get her hair done first before coming to sit in the makeup chair.
Photos courtesy Ryan Ng

Before and After (minus the lipcolor)

Adding blush

Jen's lipcolor was a bright and bold red that was meant to stand out :) It's really important with such a statement lipcolor to keep on reapplying. We made sure to do touch ups at the church, right before Jen would walk down the aisle, and also at the banquet hall, right after she had changed into her cheongsam.
Photos courtesy Calvina Photography

Calvina Photography Gallery:

Jen and Pato

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Jen and Pato, we could not have been more happy for the both of you on your special day. Jen, you have blossomed into a beautiful woman... always considerate and so, so kind to the people around you. You are more special and loved than you will ever know :) Pato, welcome to the family! We pray you both will continue to seek after God and grow stronger relationship with Him and with each other. We are blessed to watch your family grow and look forward to more get togethers in your new home! Love you guys!

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