MUA for Portfolio Filler Shoot Part 2

Photo courtesy Venkata

What: MUA for a Portfolio Filler Shoot
When: Saturday, July 20
Where: Santa Clara Studio

Vanessa was the second model for the Portfolio Filler Shoot that George had set up. Click here to read about the first model, Christine Lea. Vanessa had arrived to the studio before I finished Christine's makeup, so we got started on her first makeup look as soon as possible. We had a blast! I was in such a rush to get Vanessa started on her makeup though that I forgot to take a "Before" shot. Shucks!

We had fun though. I was REALLY excited because I knew we were going to do two different looks for Vanessa. The first one would be a really natural highlighting of Vanessa's features. Something that would turn up great in photos, accentuating her great bone structure. I still loaded on the eyeshadow and blush colors and added false lashes though :) A MUST for photography!

Really, there were moments when Vanessa would turn a certain way, and I'd see Jessica Biel! Do you see it too?!?

Vanessa in action while photographers get set amounts of time to shoot.

Photo courtesy Rennis Kauffman                Photo courtesy Felicia Hong

AND THEN!!! Once Vanessa wrapped up the first round, she came back into my makeup chair for her 2nd makeup look. I am SO pleased with how this look came out. Thanks George for giving me the freedom to go extreme with Vanessa's eye makeup! George had told me there'd be use of fabrics on the next round of shooting, so he wanted an eye look that would be able to hold up against the different fabrics that the photographers would be able to choose from. So... I went crazy! Well, no not really, it's just not often that everything lines up so perfectly where I could get the freedom create a look like this with a stellar model, AND be able to get my hands on the awesome creative shots from the photographers.

Photo courtesy Venkata


- Out there edgy and clean eyeliner design
- Shimmery gold lids that pop
- Bold thick lashes
- Deep black lips

Creating the look, I used a black eyeliner pencil first to create Vanessa's eye design, then went over the design with gel liner and a thin brush. I also added some more extreme lashes to the existing false lashes I had already applied.

Natural makeup to Dramatic makeup

Eyes open, eyes closed

Special thanks to the photographers from this meetup for being patient as we switched Vanessa's MU look! The photos turned out super :)

Photos courtesy Venkata

Photo courtesy Rennis Kaufman

Photo courtesy Gail Rinard                      Photo courtesy Bob Stine

Photo courtesy Vinny Arrigali

Vanessa, you had the perfect look and attitude to pull this look off! Best wishes to your film writing/making!

If you'd like to see more photos from this event, click here!

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