Jayme's Studio Portrait Headshot Makeup

Who: Jayme
What: Headshots for professional business webpage
Where: San Mateo
Photographer: Bob Stine, Graphic Communications Co.

I met Bob at a couple of photography meetups where I helped as the makeup artist for the models. He's like a mischievous Santa Claus! A laid back, jovial, and warm character that definitely helps to put anyone at ease. He contacted me a couple weeks ago to see if I'd be interested in doing the makeup for a client who'd need headshots for a professional business webpage. All the details were worked out, and I headed over to San Mateo to help with the makeup prep.

Before and After #1

Chatting with Jayme was a lot of fun! She was open to whatever I wanted to do with her face (which is always nice), but I also mentioned that I'd use her skin tone and hair color to base my colors off of. I also kept in mind the intent of the photoshoot, which was to enhance Jayme's features for a professional business' webpage.

Before and After #2

Makeup look:
- Filled in brows
- Flawless face airbrushed foundation
- Bronze colored eyelid color
- False lashes
- Coral blush
- Natural lips

Photos from Bob:

Thanks so much for contacting me Bob! These photos of Jayme turned out great and I really appreciate the ease in which it was to work with you :) Lots of fun for sure.

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