MUA for a Studio and Outdoor Photoshoot!

Photo courtesy Francis Tran

What: Makeup Artist for a Studio and Outdoor Photoshoot
When: Saturday, June 8
Where: Santa Clara Studio
Model: Bobbi

So George organizes these really cool photography meetups where photographers of all different levels can come together and take photos either in his studio or outdoors. I always have so much fun at these meetups and it was no different this time. This would be a studio and outdoor shoot with Bobbi. I wasn't able to spend that much time hanging out this time around (bummer!), so I wasn't able to meet all the photographers. Bobbi was great though, very personable and easy to work with! 

Before and After taken with my iphone

Based on the colors of the corsets Bobbi was going to wear, skin tone, and hair color, along with knowing she'd be photographed outdoors, I decided to go with some warm brown tones and neutral lips. I also made sure to load on the blush so it would be captured in the bright outdoor sunlight. It was a really hot day!

Here is a collection of photos taken by some of the photographers at the meetup:

Photo courtesy Francis Tran

Photos courtesy Vinny Arrigali

One of the really neat things about seeing photos show up after the meetup, is how so amazingly different each photographer is. They're working with the same model, outfits, scenes, and lighting, and yet it's so cool to see the photographers' styles and uniqueness come into play once photos are posted.
             Photo courtesy George Ricci                                   Photo courtesy Rey                                          Photo courtesy Love Singal

See what I mean?!? Neat huh? :)

Photo courtesy Chris Icide

Again, thanks for the invite to be a part of this photoshoot George! I couldn't highlight all of the photos from this Studio and Outdoor Photoshoot, so if you would like to see more photos from the photographers, click here!

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