Catherine's Wedding H&M!

Who: Catherine
What: Catherine's Wedding Hair and Makeup
When: Saturday, May 25, 2013
Where: Sunnyvale, CA

So back in 2009, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Pui-Yun and her bridesmaids for her wedding... fast forward to May 2013 and I'm stoked to be able to help out Pui-Yun's then BM, who is now the bride, Catherine! 

Get ready for a long post! :) There were a number of girls needing to get their hair and makeup done before noon. Catherine's hair and makeup would be saved for last. With both Margaret and I working, everyone was able to get finished and wedding ready on time! I also met a fantastic photographer, Faye Bernoulli, whose work is just so beautiful in capturing those special moments and details. In addition to her quality work, she has a super warm and fun personality! Click here for her blog entry about Catherine and Aaron's Wedding. Thanks for providing me with some gorgeous photos to share Faye! And thanks Honey for coming along and helping to support and take photos of the process :)

BM #1: Karen
Faye Bernoulli Photography

Before and After

 Action shots:

Applying eye shadow, liner, and lip color

After Karen's makeup was completed, she scooted over to Margaret's chair to get her hair done.

BM #2: Pui-Yun
Faye Bernoulli Photography

Before and After

From being a bride 5 years ago, to being a mommy, to being a MOH! God is so good :)

Action shots:
Eyeliner and lashes

Mother of the Bride

Faye Bernoulli Photography

I had so much fun with Catherine's mom. I think it was one of my favorite moments to be able to chat with her and hear of her amazing journey through life. From how she met her husband, to how she's been recovering from her stroke a few years back, just simply amazing.

Before and after
Since Catherine's mom normally doesn't wear any makeup at all, it was requested to go really light, yet have some coverage for the special occasion. I went with a flawless face application, very light eyeshadow (since she would be wearing her glasses), slight eyebrow filling, loose powdering of blush, and of course so natural lip color.

Action shots:
Airbrushing, eyeshadow, and lipcolor

Catherine! Our Bride!

Faye Bernoulli Photography

Before and After 

Hair action shots:
Aaahhhh torture! Just kidding :) Yes, I did start with Catherine's hair first before her makeup. A couple reasons for this: 1) I wanted to make sure Catherine's makeup was as fresh as possible and 2) If any of the hair curls relaxed, I would be able to go back and do hair touchups after the makeup was complete.

We changed the side pony just a tad from Catherine's Hair and Makeup Trial:
Trial vs. Wedding Day
We went for a more relaxed look with all the curls going in one direction, versus the earlier hair, which had smaller curls, tighter braids, and curls going in different directions. Trials are really good to have since it gives the client a chance to voice what they want, and it gives me a chance to see how the hair texture and lengths work with different hairstyles. We tweaked things for the best results for Catherine's big day :)

Lots of pins!

Faye Bernoulli Photography

Makeup action shots:
After completing the hair, we moved onto the flawless face application with airbrush kit. I then added blush on Catherine's cheekbones for some healthy color pop.

Brows and multiple brown toned eyeshadows applied

Waiting for eyelash glue to dry

Why were we laughing? I don't remember :) We laughed about a lot of things!

Faye Bernoulli Photography

Staying hydrated is a MUST! It gives the body strength so there's no fainting action happening on the special day, plus it's really good for your skin. 

Faye Bernoulli Photography

The end... or rather, The Beginning for Catherine and Aaron! God bless and best wishes to the start of your new lives together!

Faye Bernoulli Photography Gallery:
I just chose a few of my favorite shots to highlight on my blog, many more wonderful photos here!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and more important beautiful people. Catherine is a special and wonderful person and she made such a beautiful bride! I wish her and her husband happiness, health, peace for all the life they choose to spend together! Congratulations!