Lei's 8th Grade Dance H&M!

Who: Lei
What: H&M for an 8th Grade Dance
When: Friday, June 7

So how many of you remember your 8th grade dance? I DO! I DO! It was a looooooong time ago, but I still remember so many of the awkward details... like how I didn't have the foggiest clue how to dance, and how I still thought most of the boys were gross (except for a few). Fast forward a few years and here stepping in my studio is my friend from middle school, Micah, with her supersweet daughter Lei, getting ready for her own 8th grade dance! It was fun to reminisce as we started talking about all the things we remembered from our middle school days. What's even more crazy is finding out there are still teachers there today that taught when we were middle schoolers!

I was able to help Lei with some very simple makeup and a hairstyle she liked. We didn't have a lot of time, so the few after pictures I have were actually taken with my iphone. I didn't take any before shots  :)

We gave Lei some gorgeous, relaxed curls. She didn't want anything too curly so I intentionally didn't spray as much with hairspray so that the curls would loosen even more as time went on. She requested some kind of braid to be incorporated in, so I took the left side of her hair part, french braided out, then finished it up with a regular braid for the remaining strand.

Lei, I hope you had a super fun time at your 8th grade dance! Looking forward to hearing about your basketball glory in highschool :) You'll do great!

Micah, it really was a blast from the past to be able to catch up with you and see where life has taken us. I'm so happy for you!

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