My Little Sister's Getting Married!

Who: Jen!
What: Makeup Trial
When: Saturday, June 8

Jen and I go way back... you know, ever since the day she was born! Hahahaha. I love my sister to death and am so proud of her for everything she's been able to accomplish.

I still remember when we got into a fight one day and started wrestling each other, rolling around on the floor and in between our beds, getting stuck in the blankets and not knowing whether to laugh or stay mad and continue to try and strangle each other. How old were we? College? I don't even remember what we were arguing about. Tons have changed! Thank God! :)

Now I'll have the honor of being by her side as she becomes a married woman!

Before and After #1

Before and After #2


I used matte brown tones for Jen's eyeshadow, and a pair of lush false lashes to help make her eyes pop.

Jen's wedding day updo will be an off to the side look. I spent a couple min. to quickly pull her hair off to the side. Please excuse the fly-away bangs!

Thanks for coming in Jen! Here's some fun iphone shots!

Checkin' out the afters

Isaiah loves his JenJen YeeYee :)

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