Transformation: Angel --> Glamrock

What: Transformation
Who: Angel
When: June 28
Duration: 1:30pm - 6pm

With this next transformation, I wanted a punk rock, EDGY look added with a whole lot of GLAM! I really wanted something completely different from the previous look [Twiggy Doll], while still using the same model.

Here are some photos I pulled off the web for inspiration:
These girls in particular are from the Korean Pop Group 2NE1


Photo courtesy Angel
Angel's rockin' her own leather jacket which happens to fit so perfectly with this transformation.


The eye makeup design took a while to create since I wanted it to match well with Angel's natural eye shape. I first used a pencil liner to create the design, then went over with a gel liner once I was satisfied. Making sure that the two eye designs were symmetrical was tricky!

Contouring was key to this look as I wanted to make sure Angel's angles were apparent. Cheeks, jawline, nose, and temples were all contoured to some degree.

Right side, left side

I added some natural looking false bottom lashes to Angel's real lash line as well.

Eyes open, eyes closed

The process:
Upper lids lined with the winged tip (eyebrows have not been shaped yet)

Additional designs added to the eyes, along with shaped brows and flawless face application


I was going for a fauxhawk glamoraous updo. It took a really long time! But totally worth it :)

Angel doesn't have bangs, so I took the ends of the front section of her hair, flipped it over to create a loop, and pinned the remaining pieces to drape as if they were her bangs. 

Here's one last photo taken by Angel when she got home:

Thanks again Angel for being such a good sport and letting me have so much fun with creating this look!

PTL! :)

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Val Pal said...

Definitely runway material, you two!