Transformation: Angel --> Twiggy Doll

What: Transformation
Who: Angel
When: June 25
Duration: 11am - 5pm (with a McD's break in between!)

So what was the inspiration for this look? Initially, I knew I wanted to do a "Doll" look, but wasn't sure which way to go with it. I could do sweet, innocent, scary, gothic, creepy, cute, and the list goes on and on. It wasn't until I saw Angel wearing her dress at a wedding we both attended, that everything fell into place. Her dress reminded me of Twiggy!

Here are some pictures I pulled from the web to help with the transformation:
Twiggy photos

Doll Makeup Photos

Put the two together, and you get the Twiggy Doll! Yay! Several things I wanted to make sure of for this transformation:
1. Super exaggerate the eyes and make them HUGE
2. Be bold with the false lashes
3. Keep the the Swinging Sixties era feel that Twiggy was from with the hairdo and accessories




One of the techniques I used to make Angel's eyes larger was to draw a new set of lower eyelids. I lightly used a black eyeliner pencil first to sketch out her new eyes, then filled the space in between with white liner. To make it more believable, I added false lower lashes to the new line and retraced with gel liner.

Another step taken to create larger than life eyes was to take two sets of my boldest lashes and overlay them together. Not only did this allow the lashes to go from one corner of the eye to the other, it also helped with the dramatic doll eye effect.

I loaded on the blush and added freckles!

Now let's have some fun with THE PROCESS to get to the Twiggy Doll look :)

Eeks! Scary eyes, hahaha. Yes, the eye makeup was EXTREME, especially without anything else done to Angel's face or hair.

I LOVE Angel! She was up was anything! We made a McD's run and had so much fun going out in public with her crazy eye makeup on. PEOPLE WERE STARING.

Closed eyes, peek-a-boo blue

Almost done, and ready to move onto hair


Step 1:
Part hair, place headband on, tease crown of hair like a crazy woman
Photos taken with iphone

Step 2: Pull hair into cross sections for a half up/beehive look, then separate hair into low pigtails
Photos taken with iphone

Step 3:
Roll pigtails around to form loops and secure with major bobby pins for a finished hairdo

Well, this was A LOT of fun! Thanks to Angel for being such a good sport, being patient with my constant mutterings, and posing for the camera.

Toward the end, I had to go and pick up Isaiah from daycare. This photo is too cute! Here he is, wandering into the studio and wondering what's going on.

What shall we do next Ms. Twiggy Doll?
Stay tuned for the next transformation:
Angel --> Glamrock!

PTL :)

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