Effie's Makeup Application [MOH]

Who: Effie
When: Sunday, July 11
Where: San Jose

I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED working with Effie! We had first met when she came with Joyce for Joyce's makeup trial. I noticed right away how close they were and how Effie really took care to support her sister through all the somewhat daunting details of wedding planning. In the time between the trial to the actual wedding date, Effie was the one who corresponded with me and communicated the wedding day schedule, sending me photos of the other bridal party members, as well and different ideas for makeup looks.

Effie wanted a look incorporating coral tones, as well as putting more emphasis on blush. Here's what we came up with!

Before and After

Action shots

Blush! At one point, I told Effie that she was going to look like a clown for while! :)
(Which she took surprisingly well.) In order to capture that blushed emphasis look, I had to put several layers of the colors on. After letting that set and concentrating on other areas of the face, I then went back with a powder to blend and tone it to the desired shade.

This shot reminds me of a phone commercial :) Effie had to keep her eyes closed the entire time she was talking to her friend because the false lash glue was still drying. I like this because you can get a glimpse of how happy the atmosphere was.

Eyeliner after the false lash application

I first lined Effie's lips with a nude color and slightly filled her lips using the same color. We then used the MAC lipstick Effie had picked up to finish coloring in her lips. The coral color worked really well with Effie's skin tone.

Shot of the finished look with closed lids

Effie, you were an amazing MOH to your sister Joyce, and super wonderful to work with! I still smile every single time I think back to some of the conversation topics that came up :)

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