Jessica's Makeup Application [Bridesmaid]

Who: Jessica
When: Sunday, July 11
Where: San Jose

These next few posts will be dedicated to the utterly hilarious and completely welcoming bridal party I met when helping out with Joyce's special day. I was sharing with Honey as we were driving off that this was probably one of THE most fun experiences I've had as of yet :)

I absolutely LOVED meeting these girls and am so in awe of how down to earth and friendly there were. Everything clicked! Yay!

Here's Jessica, Joyce's youngest sister! Super sweet and completely trusted me with her look. Here's what we came up with!

Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Action shots:

When we first got started, I had asked Jessica if she had planned on wearing her glasses or not. This is important if you want to wear false lashes. Although all cases are different, if glasses are to be worn during an event, I would normally suggest not to have false lashes applied. They often are much longer than normal lashes, and can cause some disturbance to the wearer if they are constantly brushing against the glasses lens.

When the time came for the false lash application, Jessica opted to go without her glasses! Brave girl! :)

Hope you had a wonderful day Jessica! Good luck with pharm school! :)

* Stay tuned for more posts with Joyce's bridal party

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