Transformation: Jaime --> JPOP Princess

What: Transformation
Who: Jaime --> JPOP Princess! :)
When: Friday, August 6

So for those of you who know my sister Jaime, the logical, straight to the point, no-nonsense Jaime, this transformation into a JPOP Princess is hilarious! I'm so excited that this was a success!

I was looking through some Japanese magazines and inspired by the big eyes, false lashes, voluminous hair, cute outfits, and of course, the cheesy poses. JPOP refers to the Japanese Pop culture and music that has been making their way into the scene. Here are the before and afters!

Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Before and After #3

Before and After #4

Here are some of the key steps we took to get this look:
1. Super bold eyeliner all around the eyes! (Yes, it looked really drastic at first, but it all came together well and actually looked quite natural once we all got used to it)
2. Extreme false lashes
3. 4 layers of different lipcolors (I know, I wanted to get the color just right)
4. Curled the hair
5. Added a silky white ribbon I found in my craft drawer as a headband
6. Rummaged through earrings to find these super-girly white rose earrings
7. Change into a white top Jaime brought from home

I had a couple Japanese Magazines on hand during the transformation session and was able to reference back to it to make sure I was on the right track. As I was taking Jaime's after photos, I reminded her to:
- think of super happy thoughts
- not be afraid to be completely girly/cheesy
- be cute!

False lashes at different angles

Jaime's so cute :) Oh yeah, I also loaded on the blush and contoured her nose with some matte bronzer.

This shot isn't so typical of a Japanese photo, but I liked it a lot, especially how the hair looks.

And... I'll leave you with this winning shot. You will never see Jaime like this again :)

Thanks for letting me play with you Ja!

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Janette said...

Jaime is adorable, just like her sister Jo! Keep up the great work!