Makeup Workshop for Philip!

Who: Philip (Student) + Maggie (Model/Guinea Pig)
What: Makeup Workshop
When: Friday, August 6

My past two posts with my Transformation models actually all happened because a brother from church had asked me to teach him some makeup techniques! We decided to make a day out of it, and had so much fun :)

The morning and afternoon sessions were devoted to Ivan and Jaime, where I applied the makeup, explained the techniques and the reasons behind them, explored different products, and took before and after photos. The late afternoon session was saved for Philip to actually use what he learned on his model/wife Maggie. What an awesome student! It was cool to see how Philip would take what he saw and heard, and transfer that into action. It was also fun to prance around taking photos while Philip concentrated on his masterpiece!

Take a look at his work!

Before and After #1

On a side note, when Philip first started on Maggie, there was still daylight coming into the studio. By the time he was finished, there was barely any more light coming in. The after photos you see have a completely different lighting source.

Before and After #2

Being really careful with evenness and symmetry

The look of trust. Maggie, you're so brave.

Too cute! Good job Philip for working hard and being a great student!

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