Janny's Makeup Application [MOH]

Who: Janny (BTW- That smile in the photo above from Janny is BEAUTIFUL)
When: Sunday, July 11
Where: San Jose

Let's meet our 2nd gal from Joyce's wedding party, Janny! Yay for fellow teachers :) It's amazing how easy it is to strike up conversations with other teachers, especially with all the changes happening to our education system and consequences of the budget crisis.

Janny also opted to go a day without her glasses so that she could wear the false lashes. Here's what we came up with!

Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Oh yeah! You might also notice that all the makeup applications were done in the kitchen!!! Yes, that was a first for me :) Whenever I go to a new location that I haven't been to before, I'm always looking for the place with the best lighting. Normally that would be natural lighting like right in front of a window or doorway of some sort. Since the fog hadn't really burned off yet, the best place turned out to be in the kitchen! We had a lot of fun in there!

Action shots:

After working on Janny's flawless face complexion, I filled in her brows according to her brow shape. For Janny, I used a brow pencil first, then went over that with a dark brown/black brow shadow. (I actually do that for my own brows too...cause I don't have any!)

Getting ready to apply the false lashes. This can be traumatic for some people, especially if your eyes are very sensitive. No worries! We take it slow and there are plenty of opportunities for breaks. For Janny, I would let her eyes take a rest while I would work on another part of her face... for example, putting on the blush.

Lining the eyelids after the false lashes have been glued on.

The last and final step, setting with powder. Janny was so nice to help me hold back her hair while I was doing this :)

Janny, it was a pleasure meeting you! It was fun listening to how you met your husband...and how you met Joyce too! And, two thumbs up for Eye on the Bay!

* Stay tuned for more posts from Joyce's bridal party

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