Summer Makeup Event Entry #7: Tiffany (Grecian goddess)

So Tiffany was the only girl that came in where I didn't know what she looked like :) Tiffany is a friend of Margaret's, and I'm really glad she was able to join us for this event!

I had started an album compiled of ripped out magazine pages with makeup, hair, and color themes that I would eventually want to try out. When I flipped through the pages with Margaret before everyone showed up, we stopped on the one picture that eventually inspired this Grecian goddess look. I got so excited when Margaret said Tiffany would be able to pull this look off (yay!), plus she had been wanting to try the hairstyle out for a while (double yay!).

All photos taken by Alex Chow, Pato Man, and Jennifer Quen

Before and After

I have to totally give it to Margaret for her neat work on Tiffany's hair! I loved everything about it from the tucked in curls, to the whimsical effect of the golden sash/ribbon, to the added volume at the crown, to the loose ringlets around the face...everything! This was a good one :) Good job Mags!

Here are some additional hair shots taken prior to makeup application

Needless to say, I was super excited to complete the look when Tiffany sat down in my chair for makeup. I was aiming for that innocent and lit-up goddess appeal. For that, I went for a golden eyeshadow color to bring out the golden ribbon that was in Tiffany's hair. I placed false lashes for added eye-openage (is that a word?), and used several tones of blush/bronzer for that lit-up look.

Close up with eye work in progress

Close up with eye work complete

Additional shots

This one's cute huh?

Jennifer, one of our photographers, had a great suggestion of possibly having outfits that would match the looks better. I completely agree. I hadn't thought that far into if for this first Makeup Event, but it'll definitely be something incorporated for the next one. I know this Grecian goddess look would have been sooooooo much better with an outfit that really lent itself to the look.

Anyhow, it was great meeting you Tiffany!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's model: Mona (Asian monolids - Smokey purple)

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