Summer Makeup Event Entry #8: Mona (Asian Monolids - Smokey Purple)

If you have asian monolids, you're just like me! No deep crease, maybe a more pronounced double lid on one eye depending on how tired I am that day. Anyhow, the makeup application and techniques for monolids are a bit different than the for the eyeshape we normally see in magazines and ads. When my cousin Mona signed on for the Makeup Event, I knew I would like to play up her eye features!

All photos taken by Alex Chow, Pato Man, and Jennifer Quen

Before and After

Margaret worked on Mona's hair first. Here are some close ups of the progress

Here's a great shot of Mona's hair! She was done and waiting for her spot on the makeup chair.

One of the most important steps for opening up the eyes (especially asian eyes), is the blending. It's super important! For this smokey purple look, the darker purple/eggplant shade was applied closest to the lashline. From there I added two additional purple shaded colors in succession from medium to light up to the brow bone. Finally, a charcoal shade was brushed onto the outer upper, outer corner of Mona's eye to give it a "lifting" effect.

To finish off the more dramatic eye look, I gave Mona a nude colored lipcolor with a bit of gloss.

Additional outdoor shot

Oh, one thing that is really important that often gets forgotten are the eyebrows. Many Asian brows tend to be really light and sparse. If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement, find some time to practice filling in your brows. You can do that with a pencil or with brow shadow filler. They frame the face and really help to make it all seem right :) I have to do mine everyday, otherwise, I look browless...hahaha.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's model: Rhena (Natural Modern)

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looking at all your posts from your makeup day..they all look awesome!