Summer Makeup Event Entry #4: Bo (Glamour Rock)

The Glamour Rock inspired look is one that I have wanted to try for a looooooooong time! The only thing is, it would take someone who would be able to take the extreme look and pull it off. Yay for Bo! :) Out of the nine models, this look took the longest to finish up.

All photos taken by Alex Chow, Pato Man, and Jennifer Quen

Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Looking back at the photos now, there would probably be a few changes I'd make to it. One of them would be to alter Bo's eyebrow shape to line up more with the drawn in black arch. However, this look was super fun to do nonetheless and I would love to practice more of this on anyone brave enough!

Margaret working on Bo's glam rock hair:

Eye look in progress:

Close up of the green blending into turquoise (I'm fitting the false lashes on):

I love this shot of Bo with Cody :)

Additional shots:

Me n my sis, Bo!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's model: Lissa ("Warm and glowing mommy to be" inspired)

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