Summer Makeup Event Entry #3: Ruth ("Please don't make me look old!" inspired)

I knew the look I wanted to do for Ruth the second I heard her traumatic makeup story :) Apparently, she had gone to get her makeup done at a salon prior to a wedding where they "made her look old." As she was describing her experience, I knew just the perfect title to give her look: the "Please don't make me look old" look!

While Ruth normally does not wear any makeup, I still wanted to give her a good experience with the products and final outcome, where she'd feel comfortable and beautiful in her own skin.

All photos by Alex Chow, Pato Man, and Jennifer Quen

Before and After #1

Before and After #2

To accomplish this look, several steps I focused on were to even out her skin tone, add more definition to her brows, and give her healthy, rosey looking cheeks. For Ruth's hair, I asked Margaret to make a deeper side part with a front sweep of her bangs and give her some framing volume around her face. It turned out great!

I hope you enjoyed this experience Ruth! You look fresh and YOUNG! :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for our next model: Bo (Glamour Rock!)

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