Irma's Birthday Makeup Application!

Who: Irma
What: Birthday Makeup Application
Where: San Jose Home Studio

Look at this beautiful woman! I actually first met Irma when my husband and I were checking out different daycare options for our son several years ago. We ended up going with Irma and her home daycare because everything was just RIGHT :) One of the biggest things that popped out to us when we stepped into her home was how happy and content all of the kids were. You could tell they felt safe and at peace with Irma, her helper Martha, and her three older kids. We could not be happier with our decision to place Isaiah in Irma's care. We know he was loved there, and he loved them! Irma's not only beautiful on the outside, she's beautiful on the inside as well. She didn't just treat her daycare kids like a means to an end, no, she really loved each of the children that stepped into her home and gave a little bit of herself to each and every one of them (my son included)! He affectionately called her "Auntie Irma."

I'm so glad everything worked out with the scheduling so I could help Irma with her makeup application recently. She was having her birthday celebration later on in the day and wanted to be completely done up! The works! :) I couldn't resist asking how old she was turning. Oh boy, was I surprised! Doesn't she look so young?  I won't mention her age here, but I'll let you know, she has three grown children AND she's a proud grandma! 

Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Eyes open, eyes closed

Photo taken with my iphone 

How can Irma be __? It blows my mind. She  looks so young!

Hope you were able to have an amazing birthday celebration with your loved ones Irma! We are so blessed God placed you in our lives, and Isaiah's life! 

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