Charity's Makeup Application! [Bridesmaid]

Who: Charity
What: Bridesmaid Makeup Application
When: Saturday, July 16

I had the pleasure of meeting Charity this past Saturday as I helped her prepare for her cousin, (and my friend) Carmel's wedding.

Good thing Charity reminded me about taking photos! We were trying to complete the makeup application in time so that she could get back to the hotel and finish getting ready. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to take the "before" photos. Shucks! Anyhow, we did get some good "after" shots before Charity had to run off :)

For Charity's lipcolor, I used two lipliners of my own to fill in her lips for a strong stain. After moisturizing and blotting, we were ready to use the lipstick color that Charity had brought along with her. Staining the lips is a great step to include so that if the lipstick wears off throughout an event, the stain is still there underneath. You won't be caught on camera with the pale fish-lip look! :)

False lashes, filled in brows, and blush finished the look!

I used a neutral color on Charity's lids, but created slightly more drama with the darker shading on the outer corners.

Great meeting you Charity! I enjoyed our conversation and definitely think anyone who works with children and promotes anti-bullying is AWESOME. Again, best of luck this year with all your upcoming shows!

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