Carol's Wedding Makeup Trial!

Who: Carol
What: Wedding Makeup Trial
When: Saturday, July 2

Wow, it's been a while since my last post and I am so excited to share about my next client, my dear friend I love like a sister, Carol! Where do I start! We've been friends since we were zero (I'm sure), and boy have we had our share of laughter and heartache. God has blessed our friendship to this point in our lives and I cannot be happier for her and Neil as they prepare to join their lives together.

Most of my clients are strangers until we meet for the first time during the trial. It was so different this time with Carol. I still remember so long ago giggling and being silly together about who we were crushing on and how we were never going to marry Chinese guys. Ha! We were so wrong! Fast forward a good number of years, add a dose of super good reality, and here I was, applying false lashes on her lids in preparation for her possible wedding day look. It was definitely a sweet experience :)

Here are the before and afters:

Before and After #1
After seeing pictures of her wedding gown, I got the feel for something romantic to reflect the style of the dress. We went for a cool lilac colored lid with thin liner.

Before and After #2
I had also filled in the brows to balance out the eye look and the rest of her features.

Before and After #3
Added some blush...

Before and After #4
and neutral lip color for that healthy glow.

A look at the lashes

The eyes!

Ga! You're a beautiful person and I'm so happy you found a life partner in Neil.You both compliment each other so well. I wish you both the smoothest wedding day and an even more blessed marriage for years to come. No drama!


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