Jenny and Cheng's Wedding (Bridesmaids)

Who: Jenny's Bridesmaids (Yisi, Cora, and Shan)
What: Jenny's Wedding Day
When: Saturday, June 13, 2009

I thought I'd focus this entry on Jenny's bridesmaids :) Margaret and I met up with the bridal party on Saturday morning. I had such a fun time with Yisi, Cora, and Shan. I thought it was so cute how they had all slept over and were still in their PJ's. It reminded me of the sleepovers I used to have when I was younger. It was extremely easy working with the bridesmaids and they were so supportive of Jenny. Good job girls! Thanks for letting me have such a wonderful experience with all of you!

Bridesmaids getting ready with Jo and Margaret

Who: Shan



Almost finished!

At the wedding :)

Hair shot:

The End! Yay!
With the bridemaids after the ceremony

Stay tuned for the entry with Jenny, the Bride!

* Thanks Honey for coming early to help take photos *

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