Seeing Glamour with Janely

When I first decided to step forward into this makeup industry, I remember asking several of my friends to help be my models for my initial portfolio. Janely had agreed to help out, but we just never got around to it...until now! Yay! It was a pleasure to work with Janely and have a chance to try out this beautiful dramatic RED look on her. She definitely has strong enough features to pull this look off successfully!

A desire I have as a makeup artist is to expand my portfolio to encompass many different styles of makeup... not just the natural look. How awesome was that when Janely allowed me the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do and do whatever I thought would look good on her. Wow! This really was a fun experience for me... I hope it was for Janely as well :)

Before and After

("But wait! Why is Janely wearing a different shirt?" you ask. Well, picky me, I asked Janely to change shirts so that the original orange color of her shirt would not clash with the red on her lips. Yes, this really was all done on the same evening.)

Here are some additional shots and angles for ya:

On Janely: concealer, foundation, blush, contouring bronzer, brows, eyeshadow, crayon eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, Sephora's false eyelashes, a dash of white shadow on the inner corners of the eyes, red lipcolor from Nars, a bit of Benefit's plum lipcolor, Bare Mineral's Feather Light Mineral Veil and finally, Makeupforever's Mix and Fix Spray. Plus the shirt change :)

Thank you Janely for letting me have so much freedom to do what I wanted with your face. And thank you God for allowing me to have so much fun with makeup. I LOVE this job!

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