A Foundation Story

Once upon a time (less than two years ago), there was a girl named Jo who went to visit her friend Yisi. They decided to have some fun and play with makeup even though Jo had never worked on anyone else's face before and had not yet thought about becoming a makeup artist. "Fun! Fun!" thought Jo to herself as she was applying Yisi's makeup.

Although Jo enjoyed the experience and was surprised at how positively theraputic it was, she realized that the foundation colors used on her friend Yisi did not quite match with her actual skin tone. In fact, Yisi's face looked a completely different shade from her neck. Boo. What a bummer.

Fast forward to today (Veteran's Day) where one of our main characters (Jo), has gotten into the makeup artist profession after all.

Jo slowly stepped into Yisi's house ...but this time, prepared and ready with her fully stocked makeup kit and a determination to make sure the foundation colors matched perfectly.

Wow! What a difference! It's a perfect match! Woohoo! Jo and Yisi celebrated together with smiles and laughs and nods of approval.

The End.

Before and After
(These photos were taken by me...I am not a professional photographer so I'm not quite sure how to adjust the camera for the differences in lighting yet. )

Additional after shots with slightly better lighting


Yisi wanted a very natural, quick and easy look she could put together for herself for a more polished look. I went pretty minimal with the eyeshadow along with no mascara. The focus really was on Yisi's skin and making her look alive and healthy with a glow.

Matching foundation colors with your own skin tone is a must! If you are planning on purchasing a liquid or powder foundation from a cosmetics counter or store, please ask an associate to help you find the right shade. Check if they are able to give you a small sample so you can see it and put it on your own skin before purchasing.

The pigmentation of the product you buy is also important. You don't want to have to pack on a lot of product just for the coverage. The more pigmented the foundation is, the less of it you'll need to apply (which is good.)

The last thing is, make sure you are moisturizing daily. What a difference this makes! Now that the winter time is creeping in, your skin is sure to start feeling the effects of the cold and the wind. If you're applying foundation onto dry skin, it will only emphasize the drying and flaking of your skin and make it all the more noticeable. So, start moisturizing :)

* Drinking plenty of water is another way to help your skin...but I'm a bad example of that since I don't like drinking water.

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