Michaela's Hair and Makeup!

Who: Michaela
What: Hair and Makeup
When: Oct. 6

Michaela had found me on Yelp and was looking to get her hair and makeup done for a wedding she was attending. I'm so glad everything worked out! 

Before and After #1
Michaela had a dress that was orange on top and fuchsia on the bottom. She was also going to change into a navy blue gown for the evening banquet. This is the look we created to be able to go well with both outfits.

Before and After #2

Before and After #3

Once we created the makeup look, it was time to move over to Michaela's hair! Michaela had a short, multi-layered haircut. I decided to pull Michaela's hair into a semi-beehived updo, shaping remaining hair into curls at the base of her head.

Right, back, Left

I hope you enjoyed the wedding Michaela!

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