Hair Fun with Joni!

Two looks, one day!

Who: Joni
What: 1 Effortless Updo, 1 Romantic Side Pony
When: Tuesday, November 20
Duration: Approx. 2-3 hours

Ever since I've decided to practice more hair updos, I've been keeping my eye out for potential hair models. Joni was one of them, and I'm so glad she happened to be free this past Tuesday for some hair fun :) I had an idea in my head, texted Joni to see if she was available, and a couple hours later, there we were, playing with hair!

Updo #1

I was going for an effortless pulled back look that included waves, curls, and braids.

Before and After

Left, back, right

Once this updo was completed, we decided to move on with trying another style. This part was really fun since I really didn't have any specific look in mind for Joni's hair. We took out all the bobby pins and started from scratch! It was a "let's see what happens," type thing.

Updo #2
Romantic low side ponytail with full luscious curls

Before and After

As you can see from the photos, Joni has really long, semi wavy hair. In order to achieve this look, I first took a straightening iron and curled all of her strands.

Back details
I started french braiding from the left side toward the right (based on Joni's natural side part), continued with just a braid toward the lower right ear, then pinned hair in place. To help transition the point between the french braiding and the pinned hair, I took a section, looped it into a semi-knot, and pinned that into place as well right under the braid.

Left, back, right

Well that was fun! Thanks Joni for coming in. Just like with updo #1, I definitely have more looks in mind to try and can't wait to figure them all out. At the same time, it was also so nice to just do whatever I felt like doing in that moment with updo #2. Two completely different looks, with a different experience in both. Hair is so exciting!

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