Katina and Andy's Wedding!

What: Katina and Andy's Wedding
When: January 17, 2009
Where: Fremont

So this wedding was unlike any that I had done in the past since the bride was someone I had known since she was not even 1 year old! It was great to be a part of her special day...I think the neatest part of it was doing the makeup application in her bedroom where she grew up. As the hour passed, we could slowly hear more and more of her and Andy's family members gathering downstairs for the traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

Here are some photos of the day of courtesy of Sean from michaelswedding.


Close ups

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Liab!

Evening Banquet:

Honey and I with the Newlyweds :)


Katina and Andy, we wish you the best as you start your new lives together in China. God bless!

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