Melissa and Danny's Hawaiian Wedding!

Oh Hawaii (*sigh*) just the thought of that paradise brings back the warm and cozy feelings of beautiful sunsets, swaying palm trees, postcard beaches and pina coladas...and the most magical wedding event ever! You guessed it, my friend Lissa's big day.

The setting for the beautifying session:

Other important facts: Hot. Humid. Hot. Humid. Hot. Humid. Hot.

Getting the ladies ready:

The finished Bridesmaids with gold/champagne look to match a similar color BM dress sash:

Lissa the Bride (Before & After):

Moli'i Gardens --> It's finally time!

Candid photo shot:

Bride and me:

A long history of beautiful friendship:

(Notice the gold sashes on the Bridesmaids dresses)

Congrats Danny and Lissa! You glowing couple! God bless and best wishes for a lifetime of fond memories and laughter.

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